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I specialize in helping people get unstuck, re-enthused and motivated to heed their inner calling and get to work living their dreams. So how do I do this? My services offer a creative new approach to combatting old chronic problems. It's no bullshit advice from a high-vibe source.

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"We love and accept ourselves when we decide to do so."
-Justine Uselding


Life is hard. Sometimes you just need a new perspective. By working with me you get creative new solutions to chronic old problems and a kind heart in a safe, non-judgmental space.


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Customer Testimonials

“Another fascinating session with the doc. As usual she was “spot on” with everything and so helpful not only with her insight but the way she always has a feel for each individual person and what they are looking for help with. She’s the complete package and i’m so grateful for the time spent with her.”  — Christy O.

No bullshit advice from a high-vibe source. Schedule a reading today.

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