About Justine

Pudgy glamazon. Shrink. Semi-retired lightworker. Old-timey Tarot card reader. Drag queen wig stylist. Derelict of dialect. Weight Watcha.

Dr. Ding is a real-life shrink who has stayed inside her square for the last 23 years, working in less-than-glamorous places such as jails, prisons, nursing homes, treatment centers, and halfway houses, trying to rearrange the disaligned, trying to blot the ocean with a single maxi-pad.

She is a lifelong intuitive (clairvoyant + medium), which, as you might imagine, doesn’t go over so well in Shrinkville, USA. She actively supressed these ablilities for large chunks of her life, struggling to integrate them into her clinical practice without freaking out the normies, until she awoke one day this past year to the dulcet tones of angel voices reverberating throughout her being, intoning over and over….”F*ck. That. Sh!t. Share your truth.” So be it. Let’s go heal the world and stuff.

The following descriptors could be said to apply to the good doctor:

Mid-40s, Aquarian with Gemini moon, obssessed with martial arts movies (like with ponytails), former rugby prop forward (now with arthritic changes), Reiki healer (but only when I fucking feel like it, okay?), fascinated with glitter, foul-mouthed | irreverent | sasseh | cheeky, interested in geekery, entertained angels unawares, drag queen aficionado, Denver resident, devoted to 80s music, quit diet sodas (except for TAB, the All-Occasion Beverage), major soft spot for dogs, dolphins, whales and primates, mystery buff, fan of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler, “cozy” mystery devotee replete with little old lady heroine, tea, and knitting, crossword puzzle fanatic (along with Words With Friends), former quasi-Goth/Punk juvenile delinquent nerdette


Phone: (720) 235-8135
Website: justineuselding.com
Email: askdrding@askdrding.com