Here’s what a few of my peeps have said about my steez. My momma says it ain’t braggin if it’s true.

Another fascinating session with the doc…with my niece and nephew visiting from out of town. as usual she was “spot on” with everything and so helpful not only with her insight but the way she always has a feel for each individual person and what they are looking for help with. she’s the complete package and i’m so grateful for the time spent with her. Yay us!

– Christy O.

I feel simultaneously uplifted and peaceful since my session with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Melanie A.

“Grief is an asshole.” Those are the words Justine used to summarize my first reading with her.  I guess that’s when I knew that she met me where I was in life.  Dr. GlitterBritchez was in da haus and she was ready to operate.

What, exactly, is she?

A psychic?  Kinda.

A medium? Possibly, but never mediorce.

A spirit guide?  A bedazzled mamma jamma?

Elements of all.  I like to think of her as a Reference Librarian for All Things Mystic. And shiny.

The good doctor has read for me several times.  The details she has shared with me regarding loved ones on the other side of the spiritual veil are totes amazeballs.

“Um.  Was your dog the laziest dog ever?  He barely lifted his head to greet me!”

So true.

“Why does your dad keep showing me shirts?”

My mom is making pillows out of his favorite Cubs shirts.  That reminds me…I need to ask Justine if this is going to be their year.

“Wow.  This woman is REALLY busy.  Holy crap.  She is ON THE PHONE!  Do you think she knows she she has passed over?” Our family comedy routine involves my aunt on the phone. And hell to the NO, she doesn’t realize she’s passed.

Justine is the real deal.  On so many levels.

Go ahead.  Book a session with her.  You won’t regret it.  But first, some advice.

Respond to her when she sees something that is relevant to you.  Her sessions are a lot like conversations.  You have to be an active participant.  Justine is not fishing for information.  If she says she sees a big cottonwood tree, think about it. I did.  That’s my first memory ever of my dad.  She will elaborate if something resonates with you. She told me that she can’t possibly share every detail that is shown to her in a reading, so if something makes sense, speak up. She can go deeper and make sense of it. It’s not like you’re trying to trick a hypnotist.

Full disclosure…there was one time she let me down.  She was reading my energy or whatever the hell she does and said “You really need to drink more” (notice the lack of a period there).  Before I could refill my Chardonnay, she concluded her sentence with one word:


“You really need to drink more water. You’re dehydrated.”  True.  But still.

Be prepared to take notes.  She will provide a lot of details, perhaps some actual messages from loved ones, and ideas that you should consider on your spiritual journey. And you might need to decipher her vocabulary later on.  Dr. Ding has used phrases such as “labile affect” and “flamboyantly histrionic.”  When I responded with a pedestrian “What the fuck?,”  she clarified by stating that the person she was seeing “possessed the ineffable quality of the bizarre.’ Update your Urban Dictionary app.

In all reality, she has smoothed my path of grief immeasurably.  I am totally convinced that she has had personal contact with several people that have passed AND she also had read stuff that is going on with my physical body and people around me.  Also, if she isn’t able to tap into something that I’ve asked about, she has told me she couldn’t that day.  I really appreciate her integrity. This is a heartfelt thank you to her.

In conclusion…

Word on the street is that Dionne Warwick calls her for advice.  She’s cheating on her OWN Psychic Network Friends to talk to the real deal.  You should, too. But catch her when her nails look good and the hair is fab,  As if that is never the case.  Silly me.

– Jean H.


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