Dear Dr. Ding

Scarlet Witch

Dear Dr. Ding:

I hope to Goddess you can help me.

I practice Wicca and have done so since my early teens…I work as a receptionist/transcriptionist in an office where we’re supposed to be in the business of helping people with drug and alcohol problems. (I have noticed that some of your other “Dingers” whove wrote in work for these kinds of agencies, so maybe they could comment too for added input – I would totally welcome it!!) I am 28 years old, have a college degree in theater, and as I mentioned I am a practicing pagan, and not just on weekends! I am not what you would call a fluffy bunny pagan. I don’t advertise my faith, but also I don’t keep it a secret. There are a couple of inconspicuous altar items on my desk, and sometimes I wear faerie earrings, but other that those things, you’d really have to look hard. I take Goddess-worship seriously, I don’t do it for fashion reasons or to show off my feminist cred.

My problem is that my boss — a recovering alcoholic with like Read more

Dear Dr. Ding


Hello Doctor I’m glad you’re some better. Diet 7-up is what I do too.

So I wondered if maybe you’d ponder on Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears and
post-modern zooming towards self-destruct. Are they the cultural dark anima
and shadow side of the lighter anima? I mean you’re right there close to
the Jung Center and all. Are they pointing out how our cultural beliefs
are so whacked? I’ve been reading Kunstler too much maybe again but
really…you’re in oil central and maybe you can wrap your brain around it
in such a way, I bet, that I’d like to hear your thoughts anyway…

I lived in Montrose some back in the 90’s and one year I actually taught
high school in Cy-Fair….talk about your Kunstlerian nightmare….

Anyway bye-bye and hope you feel better and have lots of fun in New


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I Tell You I Can't Live In Service

Rudie Can’t Fail!

Fuck!! I traded London Calling, and now I’ve got ole brew-drinking Rudie.

Well, enjoy Joe Strumner and the Mescaleros version. For some reason, this song has always made me want to 1) dance and then 2) possibly punch someone who desperately needs it, or maybe just blow up a building. Only a small one, though.



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