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Making The Most Out Of Your Recession

Dr. Ding spent like ten thousand years in Gradual School, so I know all kinds of helpful shit about how to survive on nothing but a flat of Ramen noodles and a single pack of generic cigarettes for a week.  About sending the wrong check “by mistake” to a creditor, thereby buying yourself some extra time on what would have otherwise been a past-due bill.  About making that student loan stretch just far enough to pay for an ill-fated camping trip the Badlands of South Dakota where you listened to “Personal Jesus” by Depeche Mode like seven thousand times with your very patient but very adenoidal best friend whose stentorian snoring caused you to develop a heavy-duty Benadryl addiction.

Where was I going with this verysexy post?

Tip #1:  Buy generic Benadryl.  It’s a lot cheaper.

Tip #2:  If a donkey sticks its head inside your car window, it’s best not to drive off in a panic.  What happens?  Giant goddamn donkey-panic boogers, that’s what.  Costly to remove.

Tip #3:  Now is a good time to eat rice, beans, and eggs.  And to fart with wild abandon.

Tip #4: Streaming Netflix, people. Look into it.

Tip #5: I’m back, bitchez.

Damn Right

Evidently, I am powerfully awesome what with my Southwest Airlines discounts and all.

Thanks to Epiphenita

Somebody Get Me This Already

Oh dear Lords of Kobol.

As y’all know, Dr. Ding loves her some steampunk.  And computery shit.  And now, I can have both, in the form of this here Victorian All-In-One PC, courtesy of of

Ok, you DIY muthafuckas, now get to work with your own personal army of evil, mechanically-inclined henchpersons and do my bidding.

Image credit with step-by-step instructions and everything



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