Highbrow Humor

Oh Baby You. You Got What Ding Need.

A few weeks ago, Dr. Ding was overcome by a fit of nostalgia and posted a torrent of Biz Markie-related posts and the following YouTube video on Twitter in the vain hope of self-adminstering a cure for my musical affliction.

It didn’t take.

So, here you go. Mr. Markie in all his funky, Momma-ranking, Mozart-bewigged glory. I’m including the lyrics after the jump so you can sing along.

You know you want to.

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100% Totally Mullet

Greetings. It’s summer here in Hellstown. Which can mean only three things.

1. I have the energy level of a slug in a mud puddle who just snorted up a couple of Quaaludes followed by a beer chaser aka 1970s Pornstar Happy Hour.

2. It’s humid, which makes my wrists and forearms stick to this here computer. It’s unpleasant.

3. The resultant torpor makes my grammar, pronunciation and usage of idiomatic expression come out all slow and rednecky. That’s right – Dr. Ding’s serum hillbilly levels rise precipitiously during the summer months. Which is why all I’m posting today is this here list from CaryMc over at LOTD.

You can thank me later.


Zzonk! Biff! Kapow!

Many thanks to @labanjohnson for bringing this to my attention. It’s a very amusing picture taken at the Caroline Collective grand opening here in our very own H-town. Can you find the shrink who thinks she’s Catwoman?


Okay. Let’s try this again. Can you find the shrink who thinks she’s a very nerdy Catwoman?




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