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Hello, gentle reader. Back in the old-timey days over here at Ask Dr. Ding, I used to ride a ridiculously oversized Victorian bicycle and sport voluminous Mary Todd Lincoln crinolines and receive actual questions from actual readers about all sorts of topics related to relationships, work, love, death, laudanum intoxication, you name it. And I miss it.

Somewhere along the line, I started blogging about a lot of other stuff, like my love of drag queens, Tater Tot casserole, and terrible movies.

But something is missing, and that something is you.

So. PLEASE write me questions to which I can respond either on here, or in my videos, for you see I stink at groveling, so you’re just going to have to humor me. See what I mean? I’m think I’m over here being all beseeching and whatnot, but I can’t quite get the right tone. But I’m so for real. Write meh. All authors are guaranteed anonymity, and if you don’t provide a groovy pseudonym I’ll invent one for you.

You can go up to the really sexy menu bar at the top, underneath the candle pic, and click Talk To Me, or you can just click on this, and it shall take you there on the wings of eagles or some shit like that.

Or, hit me up at askdrding (at)

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  1. Hola chica! I’m sure that gives me away. Anyhoot, so I have a nephew whom apparently talks to people but when asked he denies it n goes on with whatever he is doing. I told him in front of several family members that it use to be seen as being a weirdo but in all actuality it isn’t so u r special in a very special way. He thinks I’m a lil on the weirdo side to begin with. I need help asking him about any and all the intuitive stuff. U know me n how I can be very straight forward n i don’t want him shying away cuz he is a very shy young fellor. I know his lil brother saying that he heard him talking to someone made him shy away but he too was like me very close to my grandmother whom was a curandera herself. Please help a sista out thank you love n miss ya! Darn I’m in need of a long girls night out.

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