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Discover, clarify and enrich your inner wisdom and way of walking your path. Whether you’re a total n00b or seasoned pro, I specialize in helping people get unstuck by helping them reconnect with the best parts of themselves, sharpen their skills, and help motivate them to heed their inner calling and make strategic moves towards living their dreams. I bring nearly 35 years’ worth of experience in divination to this part of my practice, along with 28 years’ experience working in mental health.

Together we focus on developing your greater awareness, confidence and flexibility in your unique skill sets, in alignment with your purpose and value system. While I primarily work with healers and intuitives, I also offer coaching for other types of work as well. The current rate is: $93/hr.  I also offer bundles here, three coaching sessions for $243 ($36 savings), and five for $375 ($90 savings).

Coaching session options

Clinical Supervision

Please note: I still work as an active clinician but do NOT offer assessment, diagnosis, treatment, counseling or psychotherapy of any kind here. There is a link for those wishing to discuss supervision, however.

This is reserved for graduate students and supervisees who are actively pursuing advanced degree completion in clinical psychology and/or licensure. My emphases as a supervisor include Strategic Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, relaxation training, and process-based group psychotherapy, particularly for addictive disorders and/or co-occurring disorders, all in a variety of populations and settings. Currently I am only accepting Colorado supervisees for formal face-to-face supervision, but I also provide informal peer supervision and case consultation via electronic interface. The current rate is $75/hr.

Clinical Supervision options

Shamanic Work

I work from a core perspective rooted in the spiritual practices of my ancestors, primarily Celtic and Northern European (seidr), performing extraction, retrieval and psychopomp services. This work is not undertaken lightly and I will only see a client after speaking with them by telephone first. If my services are indicated, I will send you a payment link. You can reach me regarding questions about this service at or by clicking the button below and filling out the contact form. My fee here is on a sliding scale — if times are tough, $75 is fine. If you’re feeling flush, $175 is the recommended payment.

Shamantic work options

Intuitive Consultation

Whether your questions are mundane or esoteric, I can often provide helpful information from a perspective that is equal parts shamanic and Illinois cornfield-raised pragmatist. Whether your questions involve the mundane or the magickal, no question is too weird – after some 28 years of working in prisons and hospitals, and nearly a lifetime spent in the company of mystics, poets, wise women, and Reiki masters, literally nothing surprises me.

Currently, I’m offering email consults only, and this will change when my schedule lets up a bit, likely mid-summer 2019. The rate for readings is as follows: 1 question $35 | 2 questions $50 | 3 questions $65.

Intuitive Consultation options



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