I work in two worlds.

Although I remain active as a standard-issue psychologist working in a medical environment, my private practice does NOT include psychotherapy or psychological assessment/diagnosis. My current practice offerings are as described below, following by the pricing structure.

Please note: if you pay and schedule and do not keep your appointment, you forfeit that payment if you give notice less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled session. My schedule gets very busy at times, and you’re actually paying me for my time, not the work itself here.


Together we focus on helping you develop your own unique skill set as an intuitive reader, healer or teacher. Refine your inner wisdom and way of working on behalf of others. Whether you’re a total n00b or seasoned pro, I specialize in helping people get unstuck, re-enthused and motivated to heed their inner calling and get to work living their dreams. I bring over 30 years’ worth of experience in divination and reading to this.

General rate: $125/hour  |  LWL Student rate: $75/hour


Hypnosis for Healing

I am currently only offering this in-person, in my Denver office. I work using an adapted version of Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing and Hypnosis (QHHT) technique, which can help you access the knowledge of your highest self at the point at which it joins the world of Spirit, aka the Superconscious. I am formally trained in other methods as well, so my current work incorporates these.

Some people have reported healing serious physical problems with this approach, along with relief from longstanding emotional issues and trauma. The power of the human mind is near-infinite and the healing power of Spirit infinite. This method empowers the individual to drop any resistance or blocks to healing and to step out in faith towards wholeness and love.

Adapted QHHT sessions do not take as much time to compete, so you can plan on a session lasting about 3 hours total for the first visit, plus subsequent visits requiring around 2 hours’ time.

First visit: $450  |  Subsequent visits: $300


Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Again, at the present time I am only offering this in-person, in my Denver office. I work from a core perspective rooted in the spiritual practices of my ancestors, primarily Celtic and Northern European. I also perform psychopomp and extraction services. This work is not undertaken lightly and I will only see a client after speaking with them by telephone first. If my services are indicated, I will send you a payment link. You can reach me regarding questions about this service at or by clicking the button below and filling out the contact form. My fee here is on a sliding scale — if times are tough, $75 is fine. If you’re feeling flush, $175 is the recommended payment.

Price: $75-175


Intuitive Consultation

This is a process by which I tune into your energy field, either in-person or remotely via email, telephone, or Skype. Because energy is non-local, you do not need to be physically present, but of course if you’re local to the Front Range, I’d love to see you in-person.

I no longer work much with Tarot or oracle cards, but I’m working at an expo, this is what I usually do… after all, people tend to expect their neighborhood intuitive to look the part! There’s no fanfare, magical incantations or whatnot – I just tune into you and into Spirit, and relay the messages. I do not bill myself as a spirit medium, but oftentimes spirits will come through with information for a client. Whether your questions involve relationships, work, health, the Akashic records or the future, I can help shed some light. No question too weird – after 25 years of working in jails and hospitals, and hanging around other metaphysically-minded people, literally nothing surprises me.

30 minutes: $75  |  60 minutes: $135  |  LWL Student rate: $75/hour



Phone: (720) 235-8135


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